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Are you looking for a photographer on Bonaire?

Whether you are a brand, influencer, or active traveler. You know how to do your research. If you landed on this post is because you are about reach Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. And you'd like to learn about your options when visiting Bonaire.

First of all. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Israel Gil (@i2raelgil). I'm Visual Storyteller with experience in Fashion, Corporate and Watersports.

I take pride in considering myself an excellent water based photographer. Being that Bonaire, is a superb diving location. I have taken great effort in finding the best and most unique spots through out the island for Lifestyle, Fashion and Watersport photography.

Reasons why you should pick me as your photographer during your stay on Bonaire.

- Get ready to learn something new

Most people I've worked with. know very little about the ocean. In fact, a large number fear it. During our photo sessions in the water. I'll make sure to teach you some basic but fundamental techniques to remain calm underwater. Let's just say that after one or few shoots with me, you'll become an active and more daring snorkeler.

- Variation

Most photographers stick to a sole photography style. I've developed my photography on many different environments to provide a full variation package. My goal is to make sure you have at least 5-10 favorites. So that these will help you, showcase varied side of Bonaire.

- Payment Options

Whether you are coming from America, or Europe. I've got payment solutions to help you feel secure about your booking. If you are coming from the Netherlands. Tikkie is very possible!

- Attention to detail

Most photographers limit themselves to focus on totals. But because, I come from a background of cinematography. Every angle counts. Our shoot selection will ensure you have the attention to detail on everything you are wearing, surroundings and more.

If you are interesting in making a booking. Please check out my Bonaire Photoshoot options here.

Feel welcome to visit my socials for examples of my work:

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