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5 Best Spots on Bonaire for Instagram Photos

Updated: Dec 14, 2019


This bright pink lake with salt pyramids in the background is a surreal visual experience and truly a unique one in the world, so it is not to be missed. You might even spot flamingos standing around or flying by, as they feed on tiny pink shrimp which live in shallow salty waters of this lake and colour it pink. This is also how flamingos get their signature pink hue – by feeding on this particular shrimp. This spot is out of this world pure magic, so it is no doubt number one on the list!


The main beachfront street, together with the shopping street of Kralendijk, make number two because of their colourful buildings, palm trees and the beautiful Caribbean Sea backdrop. This is a fun place to spend time at, as it is full of cute waterfront bars, cafes, restaurants and shops. It is also where most of Bonaire's social life happens, so have your camera on the ready!


For the cool surf scene and laid back vibes. This place is perfect to chill out, indulge in a cocktail on the beach bed, soak the sun and observe amazing views of pro windsurfers catching the wind.


If you have the tools for underwater photography make sure you do so, as the sea life here is incredibly rich, full of corals, bright tropical fish, sea turtles, and on a lucky day, even dolphins. Underwater pictures are also so much fun to take, as diving is just like flying but in water instead of air, and such photos are very captivating to watch.


For the magical pink atmosphere. Known to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Pink Beach is truly something special. It has lightly coloured pink sand, an array of palm trees, a horizon which changes from pink to blue colours and falls into the bright blue Caribbean sea, which all together make up for a very photogenic combination. You will find the best light here around sunset, when the sky, sand and palm trees shine in a unique pink shade.

Written by Neza Toplak

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