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If you've already purchased my previous pack. You should have received an email with a discount code to purchase this one.

My Cinematic Underwater LUTs Pack 2.0 Tackles many dynamic range issues that you might have come across while editing with the previous pack. Some of the LUTs contained in the 2.0 version, give a more dramatic effect to the shots. So instead of just color correction, it also adds some filtering.


Remember: you can always adjust with your color grading tools. These LUTs will simply save you time and effort with amazing one-click results.

The Underwater LUTs Pack 2.0 are Colorful, Cinematic and easy-to-use underwater LUTs created by me. This pack is the perfect bundle for editing “green” and unwanted “blueish” footage.


A LUT (Look Up Table) is an incredibly simple way to color grade footage.
Each LUT is fully customizable, so you can adjust your video to your needs. What the LUT does is simply removing unnecessary colors, saving you time and effort.


I personally use these often when working on heavy projects that require underwater footage.


This pack is compatible with Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro CC+, Adobe After Effects CS6+, Adobe Speedgrade, Adobe Photoshop CS6+, FCPX and many other color grading/video editing programs that support 3D LUTs.




  • 7 Custom Underwater Look Up Tables – LUTs (.CUBE)
  • 1 Customer Aerial Look Up Tables (.Cube)
  • Underwater Color Correction
  • Warm/Cool Tones
  • Underwater and Free-Diving Effects
  • Free Help Files and Support

Underwater Cinematic LUTs 2.0

€ 35,00 Regular Price
€ 25,00Sale Price