Colorful, Cinematic and easy-to-use underwater LUTs created by me. This pack is the perfect bundle for editing “green” and unwanted “blueish” footage.


A LUT (Look Up Table) is an incredibly simple way to color grade footage.
Each LUT is fully customizable, so you can adjust your video to your needs. What the LUT does is simply removing unnecessary colors, saving you time and effort.


I personally use these often when working on heavy projects that require underwater footage.


This pack is compatible with Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro CC+, Adobe After Effects CS6+, Adobe Speedgrade, Adobe Photoshop CS6+, FCPX and many other color grading/video editing programs that support 3D LUTs.




  • My Art Director buddy recommended this LUTs and as a diver they have been really wonderful in my color correction.

    Feel free to see some of the videos on my instagram @aloofnerd

    Bonus, the support from the developer was readily available and informative.

  • I purchased these LUTs so that i could have a quick way to edit pictures before I post and found that “these” really help with underwater type pictures.

    I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a nice look in underwater footage.

  • Love these presets. They are not just only a great starting point, I usually just slap them on and make minor adjustments and I’m good to go!!!

    Love these and the only thing I wish is that there were more of them!

  • These LUTs made my life so much easier! Beautiful color grading in just one click. I’m definitely a satisfied customer.

    I recommend these to anyone who’s trying to get rid of that cloudy underwater look from their footage everything pops right away. 

Underwater Cinematic LUTs

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