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Web Development

There are a lot of people selling you websites. But in reality they use templates and place your information there. Not giving you the chance to stand out from competitors.


Personalized Web development gives you an opportunity to be different from other businesses.

We'll discuss the fundamentals of websites, and how we can implement your goals in concrete web development.

Wix - Works with e-commerce, portfolios, blogs

Wordpress - Made for large scale blogs

Shopify - Made for large scale shops

Ability to go full custom

Book a free meeting with me to

talk about your online business

I work with the following platforms:

Build your personalized Website

Book a free meeting with me to

talk about your online business

Our designs are effective on the front-end and back-end. We make sure that your website contains everything you need to have a world-class performance. And in this way look good on any device.

We take into account your objective and plan a website that transmits your message, and your business.

The process:

Image by John Schnobrich

Meeting & Concept

1 hour

Image by Halacious


1 - 8 weeks

Image by Charles Deluvio

First Delivery

& Feedback

1-2 weeks

Image by Igor Miske

Final Delivery

1-2 weeks

Depending on the scale of your project the website can be delivered from 3-9 weeks. Each website is different. And There are two feedback sessions included. Giving you the opportunity to really get concrete about the direction of your personalized website. During our first session we'll discuss this and see what's the best pathway towards your goals.

Something to think about:

  • What is your website goal?

  • Is it an informative website?

  • Do you wish to sell services?

  • Do you wish to sell physical or digital products?

Book your free 1-on-1 meeting with me to discuss prices and your own personalized website.

Let's talk Business

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