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Experiences | Israel Gil - Experience & Destination Photographer

Choose one of my packages. Let's make your visit on Bonaire memorable!

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Let's go experience the wonders of Bonaire

Experience Photography Packages 

Creative Underwater
Photo Session

Explore the ocean like never before. Learn something new and receive content. Creative Underwater Photo session includes: - Yoga/meditation session - GoFit 30min session - Advanced snorkeling briefing and practice throughout photo session. - 15 high resolution photos - 15 second compilation video

Underwater Photography - Israel Gil - i2
Freediving Workshop

Want to learn how to hold your breath longer? Are you diver or surfer? Documented Freediving Workshop Includes: - GoFit 30min session - Yoga/meditation training - 1 swimming pool session - 2 ocean sessions - 15 high resolution photos - 15 second compilation video

Photo Experience

Ever wanted to be a mermaid? Learn how to be a mermaid in real life Mermaid Photo Experience includes: - GoFit 30min session - Stretching and Positioning session - Mono-fin technique - GoFit 30min session - 1 swimming pool session - 1 ocean session - 15 high resolution photos - 15 second compilation video

Did you already had a freediving or watersport expeirence and wish someone to edit your footage for you?
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