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Creative Content Session

Take the ability to get creative with high winds, use this to our advantage to create quality content. Splashes, snorkeling, and beautiful scenery.

Learn the basics into breath-hold, explore the ability to stay calm underwater for photoshoots. A really basic Meditation course. Underwater posing basics.

Turquoise, pristine water, and the conditions to take the best content of your life. Ability to keep it pose, a minimal fashion photoshoot.

Sorobon: Wind Paradise

Intro to Breath Hold/Freediving

Bachelor Beach

Golden hour, and we’ll use one of our favorite spots to create an engaging, sassy and emotional vibe. Water reflections and countless seashells.

Pink Beach


Stop using plastic, Jambu Water Bottle soon on my shop.

What to Expect

This package is perfect for influencers and brands. Let's plan a half day photo session around some of my favorite spots of the island. Creative Content Sessions are made so that you can brainstorm along with me and build a beautiful content campaign for your collections or branding.

Intro to Breath Hold


#1 Stop: Bachelor Beach

1 hr

#2 Stop: Sorobon

1 hr

#3: Pink Beach

1 hr

Learn to control your breath. This will help you with doing nearly everything. As a freediver I always recommend people to watch their breathing techniques and nearly everything will work better. Intro to breath hold is a gift from me to you for choosing to work with me. Learn active mindfulness. 

  • 50 Pre-selected images

  • 15 Retouched images

  • 1x 15" Recap Video

  • Snacks + Water

  • Mindfulness Workshop

Let's talk deliverables

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